She was about the same size as Freddie and was very slim.

Carly had already qualified herself as a good fucker, after she gave Freddie immense pleasure the night before.

Freddie and Carly unlocked their lips, and Carly looked at Freddie's face, with a look that was begging to be fucked harder.

Freddie realized what to do, and picked Carly up from off his cock, kissed her a bit, and then he ordered her to bend over on all fours, and got behind her and started fucking her doggy style.

Carly started stroking Freddie's dick with her right hand, while slowly bobbing up and down with her mouth, getting every part of the hard cock wet.

"Good morning, sle*pyhead," said Carly, when she noticed that Freddie had woken up.

He kept his eyes closed, still trying to hold on to the final seconds of sle*p and his amazing dreams.

The previous night, Freddie lost his virginity at age 15 and fucked his best friend, Carly Shay, and he was still having flashbacks of his unforgettable experience.

Carly then got off from on top of Freddie, slid her jeans off of her legs, and laid face down on him, as they started making out, sharing each other's cum and saliva. "Those things are like magic." "Yeah, I grabbed another one from Spencer's room," replied Carly. " Carly opened up the plastic bag and slipped the condom onto Freddie's erect cock.

Carly and Freddie kissed and made out passionately, until Carly showed Freddie a familiar object in a small plastic bag: a condom. Carly then slowly lowered her pink pussy onto Freddie's waiting cock, and shuddered with pleasure as she did it.


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