Updating samba

In general, all changes that apply to a new release will apply to follow-on releases also.For example, changes to Samba 3.0.23 affect all releases up to an including 3.0.25 and later.You'll probably notice an empty smbpasswd file in this folder.This will prevent new Samba to properly authenticate clients and map them to Linux users. Please read elswhere in this wiki BEFORE attempting to UPDATE your SAMBA.DISCLAIMER: This has only been confirmed to work on white light MBWE!Also a message will be shown that the old config from 3.0.x will not work with Samba 3.2.x, but actually it does.Copy over the old config: Now the new Samba server is running and will be automatically satrted when the MBW boots.

Please refer to any notes below that make explicit mention of the version of Samba you are using.

This chapter provides a detailed record of changes made during the 3.x series releases.

At this time this series consists of the 3.0.x series that is under the GNU GPL version 2 license, and the Samba 3.2.x series that is being released under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 license.

The solution for me was to simply add following to [global] section in /opt/etc/samba/: This should presumably make use of the old smbpasswd file.

Some bugs are annoying me in my Samba 4.4.5 (installed by building from source), and I want to upgrade it to 4.6.6 (the current last version). They contain important information, such as new features, changed parameter, and bug fixes.


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