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"He was juggling a whole bunch of things at the same time ...

And one of the things was that he was the guy on call if ever got brought down." To keep his sanity, Kreyling took on small programming projects on the side.

They eventually decided on autobiographical work because it seemed quicker to do, though the webcomic quickly became focused and polished.

However, one storyline, The Girl with the Skeleton Hand, involves a woman's romance with a personified death.

At the time, Kreyling worked at Muse Games, located next to Battery Park.

On the morning of October 29, Muse had just launched its latest game, needed a patch.

Manhattan had been declared a federal disaster area, and the flooded roads had halted road traffic. So Kreyling biked his way onto the island, pedaling against the tide.

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She has worked with publishers like Oni Press, Dark Horse Inc., Lerner Publishing and Red5.Things that mattered to him, and had nothing to do with the day-to-day grind at Muse.And following Hurricane Sandy, he focused in on one in particular: a game engine for visual novels."Delilah and the Basilisk" and "Lucky Penny" are among the other serial fiction pieces published on the site.On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit New York City.It brought a storm surge, causing the East River to overflow into lower Manhattan, flooding seven subway tunnels and cutting off power to the area for days.


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