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A naturally occurring subspecies of the wild carrot was presumably bred selectively over the centuries to reduce bitterness, increase sweetness and minimise the woody core; this process produced the familiar garden vegetable.A depiction labeled "garden" carrot from the Juliana Anicia Codex, a 6th-century AD Constantinopolitan copy of Dioscorides' 1st-century Greek pharmacopoeia.'Once you have got through the selection, you then are subjecting yourself to a minimum of four years of intensive physical training day in and day out, which puts enough of a strain on a man's body.'I think the reality is we will find many more women than men suffer injuries...and we will then undoubtedly see very significant compensation payments being made out of the defence budget.'And the nature of woman's bodies means that some of the injuries are going to be more significant in terms of being able to bear children and the like.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon had previously hailed the move as a 'defining moment' for Britain's armed forces.

Nice.'Gumdrops75 typed: 'Wow, Colonel Richard Kemp is a true definition of sexism personified.' Dr Anita Mitra commented: 'Richard Kemp, where is your evidence? A 17-year-old study, by Queen's University, Ontario, found men had around 26lbs more muscle mass on average.

The Journal of Applied Physiology research also displayed women had 40 per cent less upper-body strength and 33 per cent less lower-body strength.

'I am not a doctor, but I have certainly read up on this and that is a problem.'His comments sparked a backlash online, with Twitter users branded him sexist.

Twitter user Winston Smith said: 'Colonel Richard Kemp being an absolute sexist dinosaur saying women not strong enough to fight on front line.'Gemma Dellbridge wrote: 'Old fart Richard Kemp on @bbcbreakfast reducing women to baby ovens. Richard Kemp on #bbcbreakfast saying women can't physically cope with front line. 'Phil Seymour wrote: 'Where did @BBCBreakfast get Richard Kemp from, the 1960s? I was waiting for him to say "a woman's place is in the home.' Men are deemed physically stronger than their female counterparts, according to a host of medical research.


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