Who is kate bosworth dating

(Typical fashion-first cover lines include “Kate Bosworth: Style Star” and “Kate Bosworth: From Style Icon to Cool Stepmum.”) But does Kate Bosworth actually sell magazines?

She gushed: ‘On our first day in Seoul, my fiance, Michael Polish, and I venture out to discover Changdeokgung Palace.’ Fiance, hey?Kate on great danes: "Great Danes are just, like, so great, aren't they? Random bimbo: "I'm useless, but I know how to manipulate dumb men, so I'm gonna be a star anyway.Bosworth’s body type, too, works to her advantage when it comes to gaining access to straight-off-the-runway clothes and scoring editorial spreads. Both Camilla Belle and Olivia Culpo have been linked to a Jonas brother, for instance, while Jamie Chung’s married to ’s Bryan Greenberg.Bosworth has dated both Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgard, which kept her name and face in the press throughout the entirety of the aughts; now, she’s married to indie filmmaker Michael Polish (the two met on the set of the aforementioned , she’s fronted more mags than most stars, regardless of whether or not she had a film to promote at the time.Bosworth has insisted in interviews that she doesn’t overthink her festival attire.


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