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A: Installing the driver from CD-ROMClick the [Browse] button and find the CD-ROM drive; then select the folder entitled [Device Driver].

For example, if the CD ROM drive is "D:" then it should be "D: Device Driver".

Open the Madge Tech Software and go to ‘Help’ then ‘About’. Exceptions It is possible that with Windows XP 64 bit and Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit computers, the IFC200 will appear to be functioning properly, but the drivers have not been installed correctly.

In these two cases, you MIGHT have the blue light shining from your IFC200 box, you need to go to ‘Help’ then ‘About’ to confirm the drivers are there.

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First you will need to know what Operating System you are using as well as if it is a 32 bit or 64 bit computer. Go to Program Files and delete ‘MTI-USB’ and/or ‘MTIUSB’ and also delete it from the recycle bin on your computer. The files you must copy and paste are dependent on whether the operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit.Browse to the Dell USB Diagnostics page and follow the prompts, to help identify and fix issues with your computer.To resolve issues with USB Audio, storage, and print devices that do not eject using the Safely Remove Hardware dialog, refer to Microsoft Base article, Diagnose and fix Windows USB problems automatically.If there is a "Download Type" option, select "Driver" or the equivalent option. A list of available driver downloads will be displayed.Locate the USB 3 chipset driver, which will typically contain "USB 3.0 Driver" in the title, and download it. Follow any listed directions on the computer/motherboard manufacturer's website for installing the driver.Not sure if this is the right driver or software for your component?


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