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With MET the emphasis is on high quality photography and the simple attractiveness of the model rather than "scene gimmicks", so all a decent photographer needs is a hard-working model who is prepared to spend the best part of a day getting in and out of pretty clothes and underwear, and a decent makeup artist. If a model spends a week all expenses paid at a decent location and everybody works hard to get things right, you could probably get four for five dozen shoots rolled out in a week.Throw in a few shopping sessions for the model to pick her outfits too, and you have a fantastic package.Plus ;join her own The Emily website;and watch herdancing,having orgasms,etc on her MFC/Emily Bloom website. I sincerely hope that I won't see anymore whining and begging in this respect. I agree with 'guest' who says "The only downside is that her website is not that good..." It is a FACT that no one could be as beautiful as Emily (perhaps in this entire universe).However, it is Hegre (and to a large extent Skokoff - Met-Art never managed to surpass ' Jossa') that presents Emily's beauty in such an aesthetic fashion in all of his sets, films and massages.

If my numbers are right, they probably have a whole lot more in the locker. Rather than unload of the scenes at once, it keeps a model in focus long after they have moved on to other things. For all of the folks in the back row: I AM NOT GOING TO WORK WITH HEGRE. I have my own website now and only do things I WANT to do.

Hotpants, miniskirts and bikinis during the day, classy dresses and elaborate lingerie during the evening. ) who has been going on and on for the last few months on this website about Emily Bloom working for .

In just two or three week-long shooting breaks like this, everybody has a great deal of fun while producing a shedload of quality material. Given that MET rolls out a new set for most of their popular models every month or so, it means that you can go over eight years with that two weeks of photo work. I have my own website now and only do things I WANT to do."Because of this and the fact that one or a few individuals keep bringing it up, further mentions or references to Hegre will be removed without notice. I and several other members have been telling you several times on and off for months in several posts that Emily will almost certainly never work for Hegre. And now Emily herself has confirmed on this website what we have been saying.

Not many photographers do this, but it was a nice touch Viv had.

He would also release some very nice nice touristy behind the scenes photos, which saw the photo/film crew having dinner with models such as Jo, Sophie Moone and Peaches.


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