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"My definition of kindness has evolved," Carter said. It's slowing down enough to recognize the people in your space, and realize they're just like you."He hopes more people will follow his lead in being aware of the people around them, so they can practice what he calls, "true, genuine kindness."For more inspiring stories, LIKE the Humankind Facebook page.

We all fear the awkward silence when we're expected to make small talk with a stranger.

Though some people enjoy debating politics, religion, and sex, other people would rather keep things light. If you follow steps 1-3 above, you'll be less likely to misjudge the person you're talking to, but we all suffer from the temptation to rush to conclusions about people based on superficial cues.

Learn how to gauge the impact of what you're saying by reading bodily cues such as posture, eye contact, and hand movements. Things aren't always what they seem to be when meeting someone for the first time. You can help your case even further if you have the chance to find out ahead of time who you'll be meeting along with a little bit of their history.

She hugged Carter, and thanked everyone for their support.

If I'm online, don't hesitate to start a chat with me. I promise you that i'll do everything possible to be a trustworthy, helpful listening ear...

Hello and thank you for choosing me as your 7 cups of tea listener.

Perhaps it's at a business dinner, and you're sitting next to a new colleague.

Maybe you're at a wedding, and you meet a friend of a friend of a friend. How about when you're in a high stakes situation such as a job interview when you're expected to outshine the competition? How can you turn it into the start of something big (assuming you want to)? If you have an extroverted personality, you can probably be planted in any social situation and at least get the small talk started without feeling too much pain.


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