Somali dating in australia

Somalis also live in northern Kenya; in the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia; and in Djibouti, to the northwest of Somalia.

In spite of national boundaries, all Somalis consider themselves one people.

Arabic, the language of the Qur'an, is spoken and read for religious purposes.

A small percentage of Somalis also speak Italian, and a growing number speak English.

A semiarid plain called the Guban runs parallel to the northern coast of Somalia.

The Karkaar Mountains extend from Somalia's northwestern border to the eastern tip of the Horn of Africa, with the highest point, Shimber Berris, at 7,900 feet (2,408 meters).

Through the power of the Internet, Salaam Loves makes it easy to meet like-minded Somali singles.At approximately 246,200 square miles (637,658 square kilometers), Somalia is about the size of Texas.Its coastline extends about 1,800 miles (2,896 kilometers).The large number of nomads makes it difficult to get an accurate population count.Population estimates have been made based on the 1986–1987 census, which recorded a population of 7.1 million.South of the mountain ranges, a central plateau known as the Haud extends to the Shabeelle River and westward into the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia.


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