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I heard only half the conversation, but understood."Sit with us Diana, no need for you to be alone tonight," said I. I, towered over everything in the apartment, I towered over Diana too."Come to me," I commanded. I smiled down at her, not so much because of her beauty, but because of what I was about to do to her. Diana was lucky/unlucky enough to be my next conquest. Diana stood there in my shadow for a moment then shed her clothing. Diana saw that I intended to waste no time and helped take off my pants. She grunted " UUUUUHHHH" as I sank two knuckles deep and I pulled back out, only to smear more of her cream over it. Like she could've stopped me if I wanted to fuck her ass. Wrenching my fingers from her butt, I used both hands to spread her open. As it dribbled down between her lips I felt a twitch in my cock. As my cum pooled onto the sheets though, I grabbed my cock and began stroking it. She lifted her head and looked at me, no doubt getting ready to ask to be released. Her arms crossed over her head, blocking her vision. With a grunt of satisfaction " UUUUHHHH," I knelt between her thighs and pushed myself into her battered hole once again.

She was the obedient type; she had no resistance within her. I kicked off my shoes and socks, pulled off my shirt, and undid my belt. She jerked at this, squealing " OOOOHHHH." "No please," I ignored her and pushed my finger into the tightest ass I'd ever had the pleasure to feel. But not today." She visibly relaxed and I bit back a laugh. Then I brought my hands up, covering hers and linking my fingers between her outstretched hands. She shuddered and I watched the first dollop of my cum start to seep out of her. "Not so soon."I grinned and nodded, jumping back onto the bed and flipping her over. We're making a baby tonight."She screamed " PLEASE NO MORE...

She responded eagerly to my kiss and grabbed the back of my neck with both her hands. Toying with her pleasure button, I rubbed it hard, moving back and forth like a windshield wiper in a monsoon. She was gripping me tightly with her vaginal muscles and it felt like a velvet glove as I continued to slice into her. She looked back over her shoulder again and I looked directly into her tear filled eyes as I slid my hands up her spine and firmly grabbed both of her shoulders, pulling her hard against me, as I began slamming into her again. ” I continued holding my rock hard cock deep inside her as her womb convulsed, sucked, and drained every drop of cum from me.

I bent down and kissed Diana tenderly on the mouth. She groaned " OOOOOOHHHHHH" and then let out a small squeal " OMG! Her body jumped and squeezed me and I fought to keep from coming. I pistoned into her again and felt her little box grip me hard. Let me feel you milk my cock." She thrashed as I kept a grip on her, her twitching body yielding to my touch. I pulled out then rammed back into her it was likecutting through hot butter as I sliced into her tight canal again. But I snickered as I bit her neck, sucking hard and staring at the bruise. She just looked back over her shoulder and into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes almost whispering now, “ no, no, noooo, you didn‘t, you shouldn‘t have…

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Diana nodded and whispered, "I don't really want to be alone tonight." I smiled at that, I knew I would have her tonight, all night. The driver had standing orders to wait for me until I finished my business. "I don't want any of my neighbors to know what I'm doing," she insisted. I had thought out the scenario I wanted my next conquest to be like. Her pumps were first, next her dress and then the bra and half-slip. Two fingers pushed back through this time and I used my other hand to spread her ass cheeks."Does my little vixen like it? Her pink folds were drenched, glistening with her readiness. I took one hand and slid it beneath her body, squirming around until my fingers found the wetness. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ' into one of the pillows and i scraped a nail over the distended nerves."Let me feel it my little cumslut. No, I used her cum to keep her slippery for me and I traced figure eights over her little nub. IT HURTS" and I knew she was asking for me to stop. I pictured it, my cum sinking into her womb, making a baby. I held tight to her hips and hammering away at her body, giving her punishing thrusts and delighting in the noises she made. Stream after stream of thick white cum filled her belly as I pushed in further and holding deep in her. I had her in such a position that she couldn't rub against something, couldn't touch herself. please no, don’t get me pregnant.” It seemed like slow motion as I felt my sperm leaving my balls and traveling up my long shaft and finally exploding out of the engorged head of my twitching cock into her open waiting womb!My cronies were standing nearby with other young females. My accountants were stealthy in hiding my wealth, my attorneys ferocious in defense of it. I guessed she was in her early twenties, about 5' 5", 125 pounds. She wore a plain black dress that came down to her shapely thighs. Armed men protected me from males who sought revenge against me. Simply click the banners at the top of the page to find live sex in that category: Want to narrow your search even further?


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