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Experienced technical traders prefer to rely more on patterns of two or more successive candlesticks rather than single candlesticks in assessing the likelihood of a reversal.Successful trading also requires waiting for the confirmation of a pattern before an act of buying or selling, even in cases in which the patterns have a high success ratio of reversal prediction.Nison, however, argues that candlestick charting first appeared sometime after 1850.It is quite possible that Homma initiated this kind of charting in a crude form and his original ideas were later modified and refined over many years of trading eventually evolving to its current form by the late 19th century.

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Forecasting with candlesticks requires the proper identification of more than eighty different patterns and a well behaved continuous set of data with no missing observations.A bullish day with a closing price higher than the opening price is shown by a white (hollow) body; while a bearish day with a closing price lower than the opening is shown by a black body.The body becomes a short horizontal line when the opening and closing prices are equal.The bulls.com© family websites whose trading signals are derived from candlesticks and patterns are designed with due respect for all these subtle points.The algorithm will find new patterns at the end of each day if there is sufficient data.The patterns which are a group of candlesticks interpreted together are formed by two, three, four or five successive candlesticks, the most common of which are two-day patterns. Most of the patterns are symmetric in nature with bullish patterns having their bearish counterparts similar in shape but different in body color and relative location.


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