Senior aunties chatting

First you should be polite with other users in our chat site, so the room will be fun and clean without any unwanted chat dramas or chat fights.Just login as guest and keep chatting w/th our existing users in our rooms.I asked her if she minded me pumping in the living room (where I usually pump) or if she’d prefer I use the bathroom.She said it was fine with her and added something along the lines of recognizing the “intimacy” of being a care provider in someone’s home.It is better to check our chat room and you will come to know your own about our site.We like to tell more about our tamil chat room and it’s option while you interact with another people.Do you have any advice about how to better mentally frame this type of employee/employer relationship?

The second issue is that I’m having a harder time finding where to keep the line on wanting Eloise to feel like she is an important part of our family, without being so friendly that it’s difficult to address performance issues.Usually I am careful to keep the conversation on neutral topics like television/movies, current events, and “how was your weekend” type of discussions, but one time we somehow ended up talking about how I years ago I had been part of a women’s sexuality discussion group.On the one hand, I see having a more personal relationship as a way to connection as part of our relationship to my child, and to ensure she feels like she is an important part of our family, but I recognize this can get into a gray area very quickly (the latter example possibly being one of those times)!In my previous career I was a manager who led hiring for my organization, so I translated those processes when I hired for this position: I created a job description, held full-on in-person interviews, conducted reference and background checks, clearly communicated wages and benefits, followed tax rules, etc.I’ve also made sure to have a semi-formal check in with her at least monthly on how things are going and we recently had a “six-month review” of sorts to talk about adding more hours and checking in on how she’s feeling about the role, etc.We are close to the same age, have similar interests and share similar political views.


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