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Character assassination is a deliberate attempt or strategy employed to unjustly damage or discredit the reputation, status, or achievements of another person; to defame.

Con: win someone’s confidence or trust in order to deceive or cheat them Condescension: to deal with people in a patronizingly superior manner (The American Heritage dictionary); “talk down to.” The word patron comes from the latin word for father, pater.

DEFINITIONS: Assertive, healthy communication uses language to connect, support, problem solve, plan, understand, set boundaries, inform, and in personal relationships, increase intimacy.

Assertive language is characterized by honesty, integrity, fairness, and openness.

Body Shaming Derogatory comments about your own or another person’s body, size, shape, or weight.

Sometimes, it’t the tone of voice that makes the comment disparaging.

Often blocking is done by unfairly insinuating that the person that s/he is trying to block is being unreasonable or is nagging.Emotional and Psychological abuse are synonymous terms.Abusive Expectations is placing unreasonable demands on another person or never being satisfied with the other person or how much the other person has done, regardless of the amount of care and effort put into a task.Accusing: to charge with an offense, wrongdoing, error, fault, or mistake.Originally it was only used as a legal term, but being in a verbally abusive relationship can feel a lot like being on trial.Diverting is changing the subject by making an irrelevant, distracting, or critical comment.


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