American women dating german man

The climate here is temperate and marine; cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers are the norm.

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If 10 years ago someone had told me that I would be married to a German, I would laugh. Well, life is REALLY full of surprises, not only I married a German who speaks German, but one that also speaks my language too, Portuguese. Yes, our 3-year wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and while this post is being published, we are celebrating this day in Paris.

A husband who actually speaks that crazy language that sounds more like cursing, drinks lots of beer and only eats potatoes and sausages?

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Which is disappointing, because they are really adorable. According to folklore, good kids get their stockings filled.Some Germans be convinced to don more modest beachwear. What Americans call bread is an abomination to them. And for those days when your digestive system is a little…let’s say, plugged up, you know from your mother-in-law that sauerkraut is the cure for all stomach ailments.But for most, there’s no convincing them that less is not more. For Germans, beer is water, barley, hops, and yeast. It doesn’t matter what else is going on — everything is put on pause for the traditional coffee-and-cake break in the late afternoon. Even though Jurgen Klinsman is now the coach of the US national soccer team, the Germans can’t stop obsessing about him.Or at least, you pretend that you can tell, and you agree with them that Austrians talk funny. Through trial and error, you’ve learned that getting dinner ready doesn’t mean sipping a glass of wine while you casually cook and chat.You prepare your dishes with a chef’s precision, making sure everything is piping hot on the table at 6pm sharp.Oh yes, there is this detail that sooner or later you will learn after being married with a German: they are addicted to fixing things in the house, and their favourite store in town is a – the DIY store. Don’t worry, to make him forgive you for not opening the window you can accept to have potatoes for dinner as a side dish once again. I am sure he won’t complain, and will even think that you are finally showing the German in you that he knew it was there all along. At first you will think they will become alcoholics sometime soon, but then you will realize that what will happen is a growth on their bellies.


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