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I feel like God is trying to tell me something about him. The dream showed you joining together again, but you were fighting the joining and causing separation.

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Bind and cast away any demonic attack in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.You bind all attack of the enemy and command him to leave. I simply say the name “Jesus” over and over, and breathe slowly as I am falling asleep.Since abiding in Christ is to be my focus during the day, why would it not also be my focus as I drift off to sleep?And since I’m the workaholic, I’d probably be having intercourse with a woman who is not a workaholic, a woman who can easily have fun in life.This would symbolically show me that two parts of my personality had come together and united.They each make a lot of sense and I will sit and reflect on what I feel the answer to my dream is. Especially since my ex-husband wants to get back together. I asked if it was my husband then for my husband to show up in my dreams. The scene changed and I was with my husband in a convertible, just out in the open. I know that if I wake up in the night and drift back off in my sleepy state without binding the spirits I will be attack. You initially said you believe God wants you to wait for your husband to return to you. When you dreamt of being with your first husband it was dark, hidden in secret and hindered.


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