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It is possible to have citizenship taken away and be deported for fraudulent claims, though if indeed he already has citizenship (as opposed to a greencard), it would be very difficult.

Your friend cannot be charged with anything since she wasn't a party to the deception.

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He married another woman to become an American citizen and it has been granted.

I want to know could my friend be held liable for knowing about the fake marriage and still dating this man?

But 2 lives would be in jeoparady.fake wife and the immigrant, they could both face prison time right??

Was there ever any intent to live together as a married couple?

By the way, I find it impossible to believe that, "He was not aware of the penalties and how they are severe for marriage fraud", as the whole process of obtaining a GC through marriage is highly scrutinized and is quite a lengthy process.

It pisses me off to see someone use our system to get benefits so they can take our money to their country on top of seeing my girlfriend in tears for this jerk.

She has been waiting for him to divorce the fake wife which he promises but doesnt appear that is going to happen.

All you can do as her friend is encourage her to see that if he hit his wife, he may well hit her too and as he isn't making plans to divorce his wife there really is no long term future for them. Good luck to your friend, lets hope she sees the light.

Immigration: US Citizenship and Naturalization I have a friend who is dating a man in a fraudulent marriage.


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