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Our most meaningful date was when we attended the first ever sleepover for grown ups at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

We had so much fun having the whole Museum (almost) all to ourselves all night long.

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"But that doesn’t mean that meaningful relationships can’t be formed through more modern means."And they've got the receipts, ladies and gentlemen.After another day or two of planning and working with the hotel, I arranged for them to bring us up on stage during the show and turn a microphone over to me!I then asked Dylan to marry me in front of a crowd of ~50!!The couple with the best Hinge success story will win a Casper Mattress at the end of the week.See more: 6 True Stories of Finding Lasting Love on a Dating App Even if you can't cash in on the above, there's a wealth of knowledge to be mined from each of the couples below."What we found is that not one of our power couples went to a nice dinner or got drinks at the bar on the corner," explains Abramowitz."The common thread was that each date was quirky, fun, and unique in some way.


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