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The delicate, sensitive and emotional nature of Pisces woman leads her in believing just about anyone and therefore is prone to a great deal of heartache in her lifetime.She needs to find her lover and put her complete trust in him, let him protect her and take care of her.In fact she is the perfect one to keep him grounded and make him aware of his own sexuality.Once a Pisces girl has caught on to the Aquarius man’s passionate pretenses, stops crying, and starts seducing, he hasn’t a chance.He would then appreciate the natural beauty being so well enhanced by her feminine finery. This irritates her and perhaps leads to some clashes.But with time, as their emotional as well as physical compatibility increases, their love making becomes better both on mental level as well as physical level.However, there is something about her that draws him into his sexual nature.

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He does not lie and holds his head high with any statement or decision he makes. She is a good listener and a patient woman with sweet feminine gestures.He knows well how to fulfill the demands of his Pisces lady and makes her feel secure and she knows the magic to draw him into sexual love making.This is important since it is the main form of real communication between them.The relationship of an Aquarius man and a Pisces woman is not as smooth as it seems to be.The innocent and naïve Pisces female sometimes sets her Aquarius lover off and irritate him and with his temper, he does not let it go.Together with this she is also a great hostess for her Aquarius lover and listens to all his dreams with a patient ear and is ready to support him for his flighty experiments.


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