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According to a report published in the Lancet on December 18, 1858, the pigments used in coloring candies contained "metallic pigments of a highly dangerous and even poisonous character," including chromic acid, lead, copper, mercury, and even arsenic. Babies and children traditionally go to bed earlier than adults, but Victorian children went to bed much earlier. On the other hand, that's a lot of extra free time for mom and dad!In another reminder to be thankful for modern scientific and health advancements, 19th century parents had this to worry about.The good news: Mothers in the early 1900s were encouraged to breastfeed their children. RELATED: All of the Times Olivia Wilde Spoken Out About Breastfeeding Like a Boss Many causes and cures of insomnia in children are discussed in The Mother and Her Child, but one stands out as particularly strange: "Wakefulness is sometimes due to reflex nervous causes such as the need for circumcision." There's no explanation why this might be.The bad news: They were also encouraged to wash their nipples — first with soap and water, then a good "rinse in boracic acid," according to Drs. Most doctors were, and still are, big fans of fresh air for babies and children." give him, to satisfy his craving, a piece of dry bread," Chavasse wrote."He will never eat more of that than will do him good, and yet he will take sufficient to satisfy his hunger, which is very important." No fish crackers? Brushing and combing may seem to serve the same general purpose now, but Chavasse did not feel the same, writing, "The head, after each washing, ought, with a soft brush, to be well brushed, but should not be combed."Cadbury's Cocoa Essence, made with equal parts of boiling water and fresh milk, slightly sweetened with lump sugar, is an admirable food for a delicate child.Bread and butter should be eaten with it," according to Chavasse. Sweets are a classic childhood treat, but those of the late 1800s were no innocent lollipops or licorice. And yes, they were expected to sleep through the night.

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It's amazing the human race has survived as long as it has, TBH.A surefire way to feel depressed about your parenting abilities is to read tons of parenting manuals.There's always some way you're failing your child that you didn't even realize was a problem until you read about it.Newborn skin is fragile and sensitive, it's true, but doctors in the 1900s took skincare to the next level as shown in Advice to a Mother by Pye Henry Chavasse.He recommended parents "take a little flannel and gently rub [the newborn] either with a little lard, or fresh butter, or sweet-oil." So what if your precious babe now smells like pork rinds? Healthy children in the early 1900s were to be regularly dosed with cod liver oil but sickly children were to be fed a different beverage."If he be in a perambulator, he is cold and unsupported, looking the very picture of misery, seeking everywhere for test and comfort, and finding none!


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